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Paving Slabs for Garden Paths

Paving Slabs for Garden Paths

In terms of the totality of its qualities, paving slabs for summer cottages deserve to be considered one of the best materials for paving. The variety of colors, sizes and shapes allows you to create artistic compositions that add sophistication to even the most ordinary landscape. The presence of various manufacturing technologies – vibrocasting and vibrocompression – makes it possible to choose the best option for operating conditions, price and durability. All this provides paving slabs with a high and stable demand among consumers of different levels of income. Continue reading

Gravel Paths

Gravel Paths: How to Do it Yourself

In some cases, pebble or gravel paths are a good alternative to paved surfaces. Unlike the latter, they do not require large expenditures. They are not afraid of negative temperatures with soil swelling, to which hard coatings are so sensitive.

An additional argument in their favor is that technologically the construction of gravel paths is the initial stage of the construction of a paved surface. If the owner of the plot eventually has a desire to lay stone, paving slabs or clinker paving stones, he can always do this without losing the result of the work already done.

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Lighting Paths in the Garden

DIY Lighting Paths in the Garden

Sooner or later, every owner of a summer cottage or private house thinks about the need to equip the lighting of paths in the garden. And the motivating motives lie not only in the desire to decorate the territory in an unusual way, but also in the elementary desire to move safely through it at night.

With the help of small lanterns, gradients of colors and shadows are combined, alpine slides turn into fabulous oases, and small corners of the garden turn into mysterious thickets. Continue reading

Garden Paths From Rubble

How to Make Garden Paths From Rubble With Your Own Hands

Owners of private houses or summer cottages know: if it rains, then there will be dirt on the local area – especially if the sun is not visible for a long time. Often, instead of real paved garden and summer cottage paths, the construction of which is relatively expensive, many summer residents welcome … a crushed stone path!

Crushed stone embankments provide more convenient movement around the site and transportation of goods on carts. In addition, the crushed stone paths look very neat, giving the entire site a well-groomed look, and you can equip them on your own. Continue reading

Paver Walkways around the House

How to Make a Paving Area Around the House

To protect the foundation and walls of the house from destruction due to high humidity, it is necessary to ensure the drainage of upstream water from the area immediately adjacent to the building. The paving area not only successfully solves this problem, but also ennobles the house, emphasizing its style features. In addition, when installing a paving area around the house, a hard surface area appears that can be used as a path, a place for storing garden equipment and in other useful ways. Continue reading

manufacture of paving slabs

How to Make Colored Paving Slabs

Color is an incredibly powerful and effective design tool. Colored paving slabs, laid on the paths and the area in front of the house, are able not only to transform the surrounding landscape, but also to emphasize and set off in the most beneficial way the architectural merits and style of the building itself.

A huge advantage of this material, which contributes to even greater demand, is that it can be relatively easily made at home without the use of any special equipment. Lesson is not only useful, but also interesting, capable of bringing great creative satisfaction. Continue reading

Choosing paving slabs for parking

Today, when almost every family has one or even several cars, tile for parking in the country or in a country house is a very popular material. Proper improvement of the territory near the house requires the mandatory presence of a parking space for the car. This can be a zone arranged separately from pedestrian paths, or the entire space in front of the house and garage is made out using materials and technologies that provide increased load-bearing characteristics of the surface. A car shining with cleanliness in any weather, the convenience of its operation and maintenance is a worthy reward for the expenses and troubles of a paved parking device. Continue reading

Laying of paving slabs: basic schemes

Hundreds of years ago, people began to use stone for the construction of roads, which in the twentieth century was almost everywhere replaced by asphalt and concrete, but paving slabs, which, in fact, are a modern version of paving stones, are currently extremely popular in landscaping. Successfully selected layout of paving slabs can transform the yard, street, garden, and is one of the most powerful tools for creating landscape design. Continue reading